Anhui Star Control Instrument Co., Ltd.

Anhui Star Control Instrument Co., Ltd.

About Us

    In 2008,  Yuyao Jinwei pressure gauge was established. Two years later, the annual output pressure gauge was 1 million.

    In 2010, Ningbo Zhongyu Fluid Company was established to produce and sell gas compressors. Achieve an annual output of 100,000 high-pressure gas compressors,

    In 2014, Ningbo Xinhe Instrument Factory was engaged in the production and sales of automatic cargo pressure gauges in industrial areas.

    In 2018, Anhui Star Control Instrument Co., Ltd. is committed to the production target of 500,000 pressure gauges per month. The company has the right to enter and leave.

We specialize in pressure gauge production and sales for over ten years and have achieved remarkable performance in the domestic pressure gauge market.

As a reliable pressure gauge manufacturer, we have delivered more than 6 million pressure gauges to customers around the world and have been accepted by customers. We have absolute advantages in the fields of hydraulic pressure, water purification, chemical gases, CNG vehicles and high-pressure fluids in particular.

We devote ourselves to providing high quality products and services to you on the road of positive development.

History and events:

In 2010, Jinwei pressure gauge Factory was founded, engaging in the production of hydraulic pressure gauges and CNG pressure sensors that were mainly sold in China.

In 2014, Ningbo Automated Instrument Co., Ltd. was established that worked on R&D and production of pressure sensors, mainly producing digital pressure gauges, pressure sensors and pressure controllers. The company could design and produce various pressure sensors and control wirings based on customer demand.

In 2016, Xinhe Instrument and Meter Factory was established, which was engaged in the production of stainless steel pressure gauges, special pressure gauges and metallic thermometers. The annual output included various pressure gauges and thermometers amounting to one million.

In 2017, Zhongye Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded, specializing in the imports and exports of pressure gauges, pressure meter switches and high-pressure fluid compressors. The company has obtained free import and export authority, further developing overseas market and providing better services to more customers beyond China.

In 2018, the company organizes to set up branches in Anhui and establish automated instrument production lines, industrial constant temperature laboratories, micropressure testing rooms, pressure precisionlaboratories, ultra-high pressure gas microleakage testing rooms and dust-free calibration workshops toprovide powerful guarantee for product quality improvement and further enlargement of production demand. It is expected that the company will be officially put into operation in October 2018. After that, the total annual output is expected to reach 3 million sets, and it is estimated that by 2020 the annual production capacity of 5 million sets will be achieved.

Our missions and responsibilities:

On the existing basis, we will increase investment in R&D and expand our production lines to provide customers with higher quality products. The company will focus on the development of producing medical instruments and bimetal thermometers with a target of building automated instrumentation laboratoriesand automated instrument production lines. In the next three years, the company will invest 70% of the revenue in R&D of new technologies, new products and testing equipment.

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