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CEO-Mr Gao Jin Lu Reviewed By CCTV

Mr Gao, a experienced pressure gauge engineer from ZhongYan fluid equipment co.,ltd, who special in pressure gauge developing over 15 years in China. The pressure gauge designed by Gao is very popular cause he focus on the quality, instead of the price. Gao said, “some clients will send back the broken ones, i told them please do not, cause i will throw them in the trash final and the clients cost freight much, new pressure gauge will be sent in the next order”.

Gao promised that, if broken one, you can get one free.

During Canton Fair 2017, Mr Gao reviewed by CCTV, the Chinese official tv station. Three questions be asked from journalist.

  1. Why you choose the pressure gauge market, cause the pressure gauges should be verified by NBM(National Bureau of Metrology) in China. It need to cost much time.
  2. How do you think about the pressure gauge market in China?
  3. Why you willing to cost much time and money in new products developing?

Gao said as follows, “yes, you are right, the pressure gauge is a special products in China, all the pressure gauges need to be sent to the BNM, but other products do not do that. But the pressure gauges give me everything i want today, included my house, car and i have a sweet family, all these is given by pressure gauge.”

Actually, pressure gauge engineer is not the first job that Mr Gao do, he had ever did the dishwasher, plastering workers and etc, He can do the engineer, his wife do a big favor. Them knew each other in a shoes factory, and Gao’s wife introduced him to a pressure gauge factory, then his life is change.

“The best worker in factory can produce 500 units pressure gauges one day, but i can do more than 700 units. and i have never touch the pressure gauge before” Gao said. The owner think Gao is a genius of pressure gauge, then teach him many knowledge about pressure gauges.

Now, Gao’s factory can produce thousands of gauge every day, which included all kinds of pressure gauge, like electric pressure gauge, bourdon pressure gauge and diaphragm pressure gauge.

Gao’s factory is not a biggest manufacturer in pressure gauge market in China, but it is the only factory that will cost more than¥60,000 in rubber rings—it can makes the oil filled pressure gauge qualified rate from 98% up to 99%. “just 1% rate, it cost me ¥60,000, all my friends can not understand, and think me as a crazy man”.

Actually, Gao love the pressure gauges, love his products. It is the LOVE, makes Gao willing to cost thousands money to develop his gauges. Gao is right, cause his gauge is much quality than others, more and more wholesaler prefer to buy gauges from him, even some copy gauges be sold in market.

2018 is a new beginning for Mr Gao, cause he want to sell his products to all around the world and his new export company named ZHONGYAN, written “众焱” in Chinese. 众(zhong)means many people, 焱(yan)means fire. There is a proverb from China——众人拾柴火焰高, directly means,”the fire will be violent if all the people give their firewood”. another meaning, “the team will be powerful if heart together”.

As beginning, Zhongyan will provide the pcp compressor, pcp pump and pressure gauge, and focus on quality as usual. If you are interested in any pcp pump or pressure, just contact us by or visit our web by

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