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Customize your pressure thermometer related products

We are a technology-driven company
The production and manufacture of industrial instruments is a complex process. It currently does not have a fully unified international standard. You may not find the product you need, or you want the product to have features that you don't currently have, or want to better control the cost price. .
We have a professional technical team. Whether it's a traditional mechanical instrument or a new digital pressure gauge, we can accept your customization requirements, submit your features to us, and leave the rest to us.
In fact, over the past five years, we have successfully redesigned pressure gauges for a variety of industry designs that have excellent price/performance ratios.
1. In the high-pressure pump industry, we designed a miniature pressure gauge that can withstand 600KG pressure gauges, which enables high-pressure pump manufacturers to greatly reduce production costs and perfectly combine the appearance of the products.
2. In the medical cleaning industry, we have designed a mini digital pressure gauge with a stable and reliable digital sensor module. The service life of the product is doubled without replacing the electronic equipment, but the price is only 50%.
3. We have customized digital control switches for the pump industry, which greatly saves production costs.
4, using the new digital pressure module, greatly improving the accuracy and stability of the product, we integrated a panel with a diameter of only 60MM, a new power-saving module and electrostatic display unit, can make the battery extend life three times

If you have more ideas about the pressure gauge, you are welcome to contact us.

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