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High Pressure Washer"
With the development of water jet technology at home and abroad, Gaole cleaning technology is also developing in the direction of ultra-high pressure, high power and specialization. It is represented by the complete application of plant-type batch equipment, the use of intelligent robots, and the de-rusting. The technology not only protects the metal bottom but also improves the non-rusting rate, which indicates to some extent the future of the high pressure cleaning industry. Based on this realistic trend, "High Pressure Washer" also absorbed the information on the market in a timely manner, providing detailed guidance for the development of China's industry.
GB/6135-2010 "High Pressure Washing Machine" was drafted by the National Jet Equipment Standards Committee and related units. The regulations were issued on January 4, 2011, and officially implemented on July 1, 2011, for high pressure cleaning. The basic parameters, performance requirements and mechanical test methods of the machine have been regulated and guided. The company is committed to improving the technical level of the high pressure cleaner industry and promoting the development of the high pressure cleaning industry.
(1) Parameter guidance
The basic parameters were set for high-pressure cleaners with a pressure of 10 to 300 MPa and an output of 500 kW. The reason why the upper limit is set so high is because such a setting is conducive to high power. The idea of the crew becomes a reality, which is conducive to the improvement of the technical level.
The formulation of the basic parameters refers to the level of products at home and abroad, in order to ensure that users have a wide choice of space, but also can choose equipment with optimized parameter configuration, and access to advanced technology. At the same time, the setting of parameters also reserves a certain space for future technological development, ensuring the potential of technological improvement.
In the parameter table, the volumetric coefficient of the washing machine at pressure of 10 to 70 MPa accounts for 90%.
96%, the coefficient of 80 to 180Mpa is 85% to 90%, and the coefficient of 180 to 300Mpa is 80% to 85%. Compared with the cleaning machine just introduced into the domestic market, all the volume factor is increased by about 5%. This is mainly due to the increase in the volume factor of the high-pressure pump over the past decade.
(two) performance requirements
The standard of the product stipulates the standard that the product should meet and the experimental standard that should be met. It is the fundamental indicator that determines the life and death of the product. The standard of product performance is an important component of the standard. Its rationality and scientificity determine the standard. Appropriate or not, it determines whether the standard can be promoted and used as the industry's guidelines, so the performance requirements must be scientific.
Performance requirements are also the basis for judging the life of vulnerable parts. In the actual operation process, parts are rarely damaged or broken, and more because of the inefficiency of wear and depreciation. The standard is tested and judged. Based on the initial working conditions of the standard, a reasonable interval of the loss of the whole machine is calculated, the degree of mechanical loss is determined, and the necessity of repair and replacement is determined.
(3) Experimental verification
The performance of the product in the standard is further required by experiments, so that the production enterprise and the user can simultaneously see the results of the experiment and ensure the quality of the product.
The test run test is the mechanical idling to check whether it will have abnormal sound and vibration during the use process. Whether other devices and accessories are in a good working condition, provide the basis for subsequent experiments; the load test is in the fixed pump Continuously increase the discharge pressure under the condition of speed, so as to test the noise, safety and service performance of the washing machine; the continuous running test detects the mechanical performance parameters and the stability of the operation. The experimental method is to keep the cleaning machine in the initial work. Continuous operation under conditions of maximum pump speed, during the experiment, it is allowed to suspend maintenance in the event of failure.
Main cleaning technology
(1) Ultrasonic cleaning technology The ultrasonic cleaning machine emits a signal through the generator. The converter converts the signal into mechanical vibration and transmits the vibration to the cleaning liquid. At this time, the cleaning liquid forms an ultrasonic beam, and the beam continuously In the process of propagation, there will be countless tiny bubbles. When these bubbles burst, they will generate huge expansion force in order to resist the external pressure. It is this kind of expansion that produces a momentary strong air pressure, constantly impacting the surface of the object and disintegrating the dirt. And attachments, atmospheric pressure can also penetrate the object, acting on the other side, not letting even tiny gaps and grooves, into

The cleaning without dead ends is achieved.
Ultrasonic cleaning technology can not meet the national standards, but also has the advantages of no damage to the surface of the object, strong decontamination ability, good cleaning effect, clean and environmental protection. Compared with other technologies on the market, it has broader application prospects. However, in the actual use process, the use of ozone-depleting cleaning liquid is not conducive to the promotion of technology. In the future development process, the cleaning liquid can be further replaced with a clean and pollution-free cleaning liquid to promote the promotion and popularization of technology. .
(2) Flexible cleaning technology
The advanced and user-friendly design of the flexible cleaning technology means that the cleaning nozzle is no longer fixed for a specific object. The nozzle of the cleaning fluid is driven and intelligently positioned by the oil servo motor. The motor will be based on water temperature and water pressure. To clean the parts one by one.
The flexible cleaning machine is mainly operated by the computer and the motion control card. Before use, it only needs to input accurate and clear commands to the computer to determine the relationship between the water temperature and the cleaning position. The computer will control the cleaning machine to clean itself. In addition, more advanced machines can also use robots to achieve different cleaning requirements for different positions and different parts, which has strong adaptability and high level of intelligence.
Flexible cleaning technology is of epoch-making significance for the cleaning industry. It overcomes the problem that the previous cleaning machine can only clean specific parts, expands the application field of flexible cleaning technology, and realizes cleaning technology of different application scopes. Strong and easy to operate, as long as the product cost is continuously reduced, it will also occupy a certain proportion of the market.
(3) High pressure cleaning technology
In general, high-pressure cleaning technology is still one of the spray cleaning technologies. Compared with the traditional spray cleaning technology, it has a more complicated cleaning control system and stronger cleaning effects, including hydraulic pressure and sealing. The injection control system, such as the automation control, is a key determinant of the injection pressure.
The high pressure nozzle is an important part of the injection system. By different techniques and modeling to optimize the nozzle design, the pressure loss of the cleaning fluid during the conveying process can be reduced, and the impact force of the injected cleaning fluid can be ensured, in order to ensure that the nozzle can be at a high pressure. Under the original shape, not broken and broken, it is best to use nano materials to ensure the stiffness and strength of the nozzle.
The pipeline is the conveying passage of the cleaning fluid. In order to ensure the impact effect of the cleaning fluid, comprehensive consideration of the length of the pipeline, the friction of the inner wall, and the related knowledge and influencing factors of fluid mechanics can effectively reduce the loss of pressure during the transportation process. .
High-pressure clear technology has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption and water saving and environmental protection. It has wide application in stripping and rust removal as well as internal and external cleaning operations. With the recommendation and deepening of environmental protection and energy saving production requirements, it will be in the future. The industrial cleaning technology occupies a certain position.
With the development of related industries such as the automobile industry and petrochemical industry, strict requirements and expectations have been put forward for cleaning technology and cleaning effects. At present, the technology on the market is at various stages of pros and cons, and it is not only the true occupation of the market. No dead ends, no damage to clean, more attention to the environmental protection and efficiency of cleaning operations and the economics of mechanical equipment.
According to the newly implemented standards, we can see that the future cleaning machines will be developed in the direction of miniaturization, diversification, integration and intelligence, and the application fields will be greatly expanded. Energy smelting, construction light industry and even the electronic circuit industry will be There will be a cleaning operation.
Faced with broad prospects and a good economic situation, continuously improving the level of technology and keeping up with the pace of the times is the fundamental development path. I believe that under the conditions of national assistance and the efforts of enterprises themselves, the cleaning industry will develop. Faster and better.
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