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How to install a pressure gauge

How to install a pressure gauge
pressure gauge installation
1. The selection of the pressure measuring point, the selected pressure measuring point can reflect the real situation of the measured pressure.
(1) Select the section of the pipe in which the measured medium flows straight, and do not choose where the pipe turns, forks, dead ends or other places where vortices are easy to form.
(2) When measuring the pressure of the flowing medium, the pressure point should be perpendicular to the flow direction to remove the drilling burr.
(3) When measuring the liquid pressure, the pressure point should be in the lower part of the pipeline so that no gas is accumulated in the pressure guiding tube. When measuring the gas, the pressure point should be above the pipeline so that no liquid is accumulated in the pressure guiding tube.

2, the pressure pipe laying
(1) The thickness of the pressure guiding tube is suitable, generally 6 to 10 mm in inner diameter and 3 to 5 m in length.
(2) When the measured medium is condensed or frozen, it is necessary to add a heat tracing line.
(3) A shut-off valve should be installed between the pressure port and the pressure gauge, and should be close to the pressure tap.

3. Installation of pressure gauge
(1) The pressure gauge should be installed in an area that is easy to observe and repair.
(2) Installation location should be designed to avoid vibration and high temperature effects.
(3) Condensate pipe should be installed when measuring steam pressure to prevent high temperature steam from directly contacting the load cell; for corrosive media, it should be equipped with isolation tank filled with neutral medium. In short, for specific situations (such as high temperature, low temperature, corrosion, crystallization, precipitation, viscous media, etc.), take appropriate protective measures.

Sealing gaskets should be installed at the joint of the pressure gauge. Generally, the asbestos paperboard or aluminum sheet is used at a pressure lower than 80 ° C and 2 MPa, and an annealed copper or lead pad is used at a higher temperature and pressure (50 MPa). Also consider the influence of the medium. For example, a pressure gauge for measuring oxygen cannot use a gasket with oil or organic compounds, otherwise it will cause an explosion. It is forbidden to use copper pad when measuring acetylene pressure

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