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Anhui Star Control Instrument Co., Ltd.

How to establish cooperation for the first time

No matter how you are contacted by us, thank you for your attention

We only supply customers who have a certain amount of demand

1 If you have a ready-to-use product that needs production, please send us a photo of the product via the email address on the website, and provide as much product information as possible, such as size and connection method, as well as quantity, and you will get a preliminary quotation. single

2 You can also provide a product idea, need drawings or detailed requirements text, we will give you a reasonable plan

3 If your product is based on one of our model changes, describe your differences.

Most of our products have met the needs, but there is no guarantee that he is what you want. Therefore, we have a complete set of mold design capabilities that can meet your progress.

In any case, you need to provide the following information:

1, the size of the product

2, the product range

3, connection method, standard thread or flange

4, the use of materials, (usually the contact part is copper alloy or 316 stainless steel, the shell is ABS, iron, stainless steel, etc., filling liquid glycerin, silicone oil)

5, pressure units: Mpa, bar, psi, kgf, etc. Usually there will be two units that can be displayed

6, if there is a product that can be replaced, try to choose the existing model

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