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  • 400BAR Air Gun Pressure Gauge
  • 400BAR Air Gun Pressure Gauge
  • 400BAR Air Gun Pressure Gauge
  • 400BAR Air Gun Pressure Gauge

400BAR Air Gun Pressure Gauge

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  • Product Manual:Pressure gauge, barometer, stainless steel pressure gauge, CNG sensor, CNG pressure gauge, bimetal thermometer, medical pressure gauge, pressure reducer, digital pressure gauge, pressure sensor, press
All high-voltage meters use special welding techniques and use the best 6501 power reeds in China. Welcome to shop around.
Due to the special process and materials used, high-pressure gauges are cheap, but they are not the cheapest
Over 2000 shock pressure gauges, accept OEM
The luminous high-voltage meter designed and produced specifically for high pressure air pump has undergone many improvements and redesigns, and the quality has been very stable.
Luminous pressure gauge, shock-resistant.
This product is designed for high pressure pump, high pressure 60MPA
Safe use pressure reaches 50MPA,
45MPA overpressure test, safety gauge back to zero. We also improved the assembly method, pressure gauge
The fittings are made of long stainless steel screws to ensure no sign looseness

Luminous effect, when taking pictures, there is excess light in the room, but the luminous light has been displayed clearly, even under completely dark conditions, the pressure can still be clearly read and used under special conditions
For low temperature use please specify when ordering, low temperature can reach minus 40 degrees

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