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250BRAshockproof oil pressure gauge

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For high shock and vibration applications the can be liquid filled in the field to dampen the gauge pointer movement. The  Series liquid filled gauges come in ranges of  Rated accuracy is ±2.5% of span.

Gauges feature a corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel case and ring, and a durable polycarbonate window. Phosphor bronze bourdon tubes with brass movement, socket and NPT connections are standard.  gauges are available in 38 mm (1½"), 40mm,50 mm (2")60mm, and 63 mm (2½") designs with center back or lower mount NPT connections.

Ranges:From 15PSI/1BAR to 15000PSI/1000BAR
Bourdon Tube:Phosphor bronze
Dial:Galvalume white background with blue and black markings
Pointer:Galvalume black finish
Case & Ring:304 stainless steel
Connection:¼ NPTM (1/8 NPTM on 1½" dials)
Scale:Dual scale psi/Bar

Filling Liquid:Glycerin, silicone oil, or mineral oil

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