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  • Category:CNG natural gas automobile pressure gauge
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  • Product Manual:Pressure gauge, barometer, stainless steel pressure gauge, CNG sensor, CNG pressure gauge, bimetal thermometer, medical pressure gauge, pressure reducer, digital pressure gauge, pressure sensor, press
1.60MM / 2.5" LCD Volt Digital and Plasma Display
2. Guarantee: one year
3.DOUBLE COLORS DISPLAY: Red and blue (depending on the automatic headlight switch, it switches between red and blue)
4. 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder and 8-cylinder tools for 12 volt applications
5. Clear lens, smoke surface, top quality, aluminum alloy casing,
6.60 mm performance meter including turbocharger, tachometer, water temperature, oil pressure, air/fuel ratio and VOLT.Oil temperature, exhaust thermometer
Hydraulic press / hydraulic strap sensor 0-10 bar
how to install:
    1. Gauge can be installed in a 2" / 52 mm diameter hole or automatic gauge custom mounting panel. Safety gauge with mounting clips.
    2. Drill 3/8 "Dia.Holes and install rubber gaskets, where pressure or vacuum lines pass through plates such as firewalls.
    3. Install the nylon pressure line with the adapter, ferrule and compression nut for installation on the back of the meter. Connect the line to the engine compartment via a washer. Connect the pressure port connection Prossure Gauge or 1/8" adapter and gauge assembly on the turbine and engine by using a 1/8" adapter ferrule and compression nut.
   4. Start the engine and thoroughly check for leaky installations.
Twist and connect a wire (yellow) in the lamp socket assembly to illuminate the lighting circuit or other 12V power supply and other wires (black) to a good ground.
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