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Economical axial CNG pressure gauge

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Economical axial CNG pressure gauge





Types of

Cng gas pressure gauge

Measuring range

0-280bar/psi 0-28Mpa/psi(kPa)

Accuracy level

Level 2.5

Connection type

G1/4 m14*1.5 1/4pt, etc.

Nominal diameter


Ambient temperature


Cng gas pressure gauge

ø summary

The cng gas pressure gauge is an important accessory for natural gas vehicles.Installed on the intake valve of the car cng pressure reducing regulator connected to the cylinder, the main function is to display the pressure of natural gas in the cylinder.The inside of the case is equipped with a gas pressure sensor, which can transmit the pressure signal to the oil and gas transfer switch in the cab of the car, so as to understand the capacity of the natural gas in the cylinder.

ø standard specifications

l Model: yr (photoelectric)

l accuracy level: 2.5

l Shell nominal diameter: 50

l Measurement range: 0-280bar/psi 0-28mpa/psi

l Installation method: radial

l joint thread and material: can make metric thread and npt, bsp, bs, un and other British and American thread; material: brass and stainless steel

l shell material: sus304, abs

l Baden tube material: bronze, sus316l

l Internal machine material: brass, sus304

ø model representation

Ø scale range


Scale range


0-280bar/psi 0-28mpa/psi

ø dimensions

Figure 1. Radial (j) Figure 2. Axial (z)








It is used to directly display the pressure of CNG gas. It has no sensors. It cannot be connected to the transfer switch. It is usually connected to a CNG cylinder or pipe. It can also be placed near the dashboard to observe the gas balance.

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