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Electronic batteryless shower thermometer

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The product has passed ROHS, CE, FCC certification and has obtained patents in China and the European Union.
Using advanced technology, the water bath thermometer is designed to take care of your baby like a baby needs. With a revolutionary LED digital display, this shower hose connector allows you to clearly and accurately monitor the water temperature based on a high precision temperature sensor. No longer worry about hot water or cold water showers, you can easily get the best water temperature.

main feature:
Built-in water flow generator, no need for battery automatic power generation
360-degree rotating LED digital display allows you to easily monitor water temperature
High-precision temperature sensor accurately measures water temperature
Suitable for standard 1/2 inch water pipes, shower hoses or hand showers
Quick installation, no other tools required
As a necessity for the family, care and surprise

1. When installing the shower thermometer, align the screen with the right hand in the same direction so that the digital display can look forward.
2. Do not use tools such as wrenches or wrenches to avoid damaging the thermometer. It is easy to tighten the nut by hand.
3. The product adopts ABS plastic plating material, which is sturdy and durable.

Material: ABS (electroplating), PC
Nut: International standard 1/2 inch
Measuring range: 5 ~ 85 ° C.
Measurement error: ±0.5 °C
Measurement accuracy: 0.5 °C
Product gross weight 120g
Net weight 75g
With packaging length 11*11*3cm

Naked 8*8.5*2.5cm

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