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  • Memory function 316L pressure gauge
  • Memory function 316L pressure gauge
  • Memory function 316L pressure gauge

Memory function 316L pressure gauge

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Memory function 316L pressure gauge, red pointer can remember the maximum pressure during work, in the case of no one, you can also know whether the equipment is running normally, no need to adjust the tool zero, these devices can be used for most pressure gauges

In order to cope with the harsh environment, it can be used in corrosive, outdoor and dusty occasions. Excellent readability and continuous accuracy are characteristics of this stainless steel pressure gauge. It can be upright, panel or flush mount.

To meet the requirements of many industrial applications, stainless steel meters can be used on steam boilers or other pressure vessels, pumps and compressors; or on many types of industrial machinery; in the chemical, petrochemical and related processing industries; in power plants; and in pulp and paper mills.

All stainless steel pressure gauges use the standard 316 SS Bourdon tube system. The system is designed with precision, repeatability, and consistent response to pressure fluctuations.


Max. Operating Temp.:75°C (150°F)

Case:Polished Stainless Steel

Window:Polycarbonate Plastic with Neoprene Sealing Gasket

Bourdon Tube:316 Stainless Steel

Connection:Back or lower, ¼ NPT, 316SS

Dial Size:2½ or 3½ in

Mounting:Stem, Flange or "U" Bracket

Accuracy:1% full scale

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