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  • Inderflator-Inflat on device gauge
  • Inderflator-Inflat on device gauge
  • Inderflator-Inflat on device gauge

Inderflator-Inflat on device gauge

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  • Medical pressure gauge
  • Medical pressure gauge
  • Medical pressure gauge
  • Medical pressure gauge
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Product Name: 40MM Medical Table
Product Model:YY40
In the medical pressure gauge national standard requirements text description has the following several points:
1. The manufacturer's name must be specified;
2. must indicate the instrument accuracy level;
3. The words on the medical pressure gauge should be marked on the pressure dial surface, and distinguish it from the ordinary pressure gauge;
4. The materials used in the production of medical pressure gauges must be harmless to the human body;
5. The special equipment installation and use of pressure gauges must be submitted once every three months, but there is no specific requirement for pressure gauges used in disposable high-pressure injectors and other similar products of high-pressure injectors. As a responsible company, it will produce high-pressure injector pressure gauges. In strict accordance with the requirements of medical pressure gauges to produce. And over the standard to develop the company's quality policy of the pressure gauge production instructions.
The following issues need to be paid attention to the production of high pressure syringe injector medical pressure gauges:
1. The dial is printed with the United States imported fluorescent pigments, no harm to the human body;
2. Dial scale number 0-30 bar, inner ring number 0-400 psi, inner and outer rings are black, vacuum range "0" is less than red
3. The thickness of the scale ring is 0.3mm, the length of the thick scale line is 1.8mm, the thickness is 0.06mm, the length of the fine scale line is 1.0mm, the thickness is 0.3mm, the height of the character is 3mm, and the thickness is 0.5mm;
4. When the instrument is in the no-voltage state, the pointer is exactly in the “0” position, and the “0” position must not be exceeded. The red vacuum area must not be touched.
5. The pointer will rise steadily when the instrument is in working condition. There should be no stoppage, sudden jump, stuck pin, and pointer drop. The instrument taps and shifts, and the indication value of the pointer does not vary by more than ±1psi.
6. There is no loosening and falling off of the cover and case, and the cover should be smooth, transparent and free of stain.
7. The copper body of the pressure gauge must be copper-environmentally friendly;
8. The accuracy of the meter is 3% 2% 3%;
9. The pressure gauge case is baked with white green paint without any signs of paint stripping, rust, etc.;
10. There is no obvious stain on the transparent cover of the pressure gauge, the size cannot exceed 0.2mm;
11. The copper body and threads of the pressure gauge should not be blackened, oxidized, copper crucibles, copper shavings, or green-green. The pressure gauge copper body and copper pipe are in direct contact with the medical liquid, so all parts of the pressure gauge must pass through. High temperature, sterile and ultrasonic pure water treatment, aseptic welding;
12. The internal cleanliness level of the pressure gauge should reach EP grade (YTGE);
13. pressure gauge products need to undergo strict pressure and airtightness tests, and the airtightness can reach 1×10-9 pa.m3/s.
14. All metal screw parts on the pressure gauge cannot have rust, burrs, etc.;
15. The dial of the pressure gauge can not be deformed, the scale of printed printing is clear, and there is no phenomenon such as bad printing, lack of characters, etc.;
16. The pressure gauge function testing standards shall be based on two standards: GB/T122-2001 and XYY0450.3-20073;
For the above 16 points, we can clearly understand that high-pressure syringe injector pressure gauge is different from the general industrial pressure gauge, and its production process can not be the same as the general industrial pressure gauge. High pressure syringe injector pressure gauge on the market early Before 2004, the medical device manufacturers used import pressure gauges. The importing countries mainly came from the United States, Japan, and Germany. After 2006, several domestic meter factories started to develop and produce this pressure gauge first, but all due to technology, materials, etc. As a result, the quality of the product was finally compromised. After the shipment of high pressure syringes from medical device manufacturers, a large number of complaints were received from hospitals and customers. Fortunately, there was no personal injury incident. Otherwise, the negative impact of the incident would directly drag down the brand of medical device manufacturers. Reputation, and the production of poor quality pressure gauge manufacturers will also pay a huge sum of money in exchange for compensation.
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