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  • Pressure gauge toolbox
  • Pressure gauge toolbox
  • Pressure gauge toolbox
  • Pressure gauge toolbox

Pressure gauge toolbox

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  • Product Manual:Excavator pressure gauge Pressure gauge toolbox Hydraulic measuring device Hydraulic measuring device

Testing the pressure of hydraulic systems at all levels of construction machinery. Equipped with common measuring point joints for construction machinery.
It can also be applied to pressure detection of hydraulic systems in steel mills, automotive hydraulic lines, and ships.
The shell is a high-strength, environmentally-friendly ABS plastic that is lightweight, portable, and does not break down at a height of 10 meters.
This product is a high-tech product. It is at the advanced level in the world. It is an upgrade in the test box.
On behalf of the product, the test box is equipped with a pressure measuring hose, a pressure measuring connector, a pressure gauge, and a variety of specifications for the pressure gauge
1) Pressure measuring hose assembly 3 meters long, one end G1/4 pressure gauge, one end M16X2
Test pressure connector
2) pressure gauge 3 blocks, 25Mpa, 40Mpa, 60Mpa each;
3) 8 pressure taps, G1/4, M14X1.5, M12X1.5, M10X1, G1/2, ZG3/8,
G1/8, ZG1/8 variety to choose from.
Pressure measuring hoses, pressure gauges, pressure measuring joints and a variety of options, please consult Suzhou special sea manufacturers.
The use and maintenance of pressure measuring device
1) When using this device to detect pressure, it must be installed at the site of the pressure measuring system
Pressure test fittings, pressure test fitting connection thread and pressure test hose thread should match.
2) The pressure measuring device can be used for pressure measurement in the hydraulic system operation, but the pressure at the measured point should be confirmed
Within the range of the pressure gauge.
3) When the pressure is measured, the pressure measuring device should be placed flat and the distance between the pressure measuring point and the pressure measuring device should not exceed.
85% of the length of the hose.
4) During the pressure measurement operation, first connect the pressure measuring hose to the corresponding pressure gauge connector of the pressure measuring device, and then unscrew it.
The dust cover of the pressure measuring connector on the system, the other end of the pressure measuring tube is screwed on the pressure measuring connector, and the pressure can be detected.
5) After the pressure measurement is completed, the hose connector at the pressure test joint must be unscrewed and the dust cover must be screwed in before tightening.
Lower hose end of pressure measuring device.
6) After the test is completed, the oil on the pressure measuring device should be wiped clean, and the cover should be closed and locked.
7) When the pressure measuring device is used and stored, it shall be strictly prevented from collision. The pressure gauge shall be submitted for inspection after six months of use.
Pressure range equipped with: 1BAR-1000BAR (according to customer's own choice)

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